Kale, Enough Already? Never! Tangy Kale Salad with Sunflower Seeds for a Crowd

kaleforcrowdMaybe by now you have had enough kale. Maybe you are on to some other cruciferous vegetable. But if you are looking for a salad to feed a crowd, kale salad is the best. I recently made it for the Gabi’s Pizza Dough Party and it was a hit for the following reasons: 1) Unlike most salads you can make it ahead of time 2) It can sit at room temperature for hours and actually gets better 3) It is fantastically easy and 4) Pecorino cheese, garlic and lemon juice–what a combo!

Raw Kale Salad With Pecorino and Sunflower Seeds

This recipe is essentially a big batch version of Melissa Clarke’s recipe for Raw Tuscan Kale Salad with Pecorino originally published in the New York Times with with minor alterations and substitutions. It was my mother’s idea to swap out the breadcrumbs for the sunflower seeds.  If you want to get fancy,  you can use pine nuts but they can be costly especially when you are making a large quantities. You can also substitute Parmesan for Pecorino but you will need to add more salt to taste.

The actual serving amount may vary depending on the size of your kale bunches and what else is on your menu. When I made this salad for Gabi’s party, I used 3 bunches but there was so much other food, it was enough to feed 20 people.

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 12.34.51 PM

1. Trim bottom off bottom 2-inches of kale stems and discard. Slice kale into 3/4-inch-wide ribbons. Place kale in a big bowl.

2. Using a mortar and pestle, pound garlic and salt into a paste. Transfer garlic to a small bowl. Add the cheese, olive oil, lemon juice, pepper flakes and black pepper, and whisk to combine. Pour dressing over kale and use your hands to thoroughly combine (dressing will be thick and need lots of tossing to coat leaves).

3. Let salad sit for 5 to 10 minutes, then toss with sunflower seeds and top with additional grated cheese.

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  1. I would so eat this! Love the recipe scaling option.

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